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Master Grogan is the founder of Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts. He has over 38 years of Martial Arts experience, and has been instructing Martial Arts & Coaching for over 30 years. Master Grogan started his business in 1997, with the vision of making society a happier, healthier & safer place to live through teaching character development & life skills. Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts is celebrating its 21st year, and was awarded the Edwardsville, Glen Carbon’s 2016 Small Business of the Year Award from the Edwardsville / Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce.
“Our Academy Mission is to EMPOWER kids & adults to believe in themselves and stand up to bullying and stand out in the crowd with exceptional manners, discipline & respect, to make our society a happier, healthier & safer place to live.

I’m Proud of You – You Are Awesome


As a professional martial artist and instructor and Inspirational Leader, I believe material art is Powerful, not just in the Physical sense but It also enhances fitness, boosts self-assurance, and equips people with self-defense skills.

I Am A Hero

The martial artist knows how to deal with conflicts whether it is necessary to fight, or they can simply walk away. They always know how to handle a different level of stress and conflicts and how to focus on the objective

I Am Bully Proof – I Believe In Me

The More sociable you are the less likely you will be bullied. Make friends and surround yourself with positive people. Stand against bullying and Believe in yourself. When a person who can easily get upset and unhappy it is easier to bully him. 

By Master Grogan


Become Bully Proof Today

Master Grogan is an Inspirational Leader, Master Motivator / Life Changer & Mentor. 
He is in the process of finalizing his first book “I Am Bully Proof” – Available Soon.

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