Episode #126 – On this amazing Kickin’Life podcast, Master Grogan is again joined by his son Austin, and they discuss how to use your name to define the qualities about yourself. They also paint the picture of someone dumping garbage & toxic waste on your living room floor, and how upset you’d be. But, yet we all allow people to dump garbage on our mind without saying a word. Powerful, motivational, spiritual and everything you’ve come to love about the Kickin’Life Podcast. Be sure to follow us at www.facebook.com/kickinlife and www.instagram.com/kickinlife_mastergrogan, also please make sure to subscribe, download & share with others to help them live their best #KickinLife Share, Subscribe & Download and follow us on Facebook: @Kickin’Life with Master Grogan. Be sure to subscribe, download & share with others to help make our society a happier, healthier & safer place to live.

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