I have heard from many peoples about the concept of “conflict resolution. We are dealing with the many conflicts in our daily life. In martial arts we just not teach our students how to defend themselves, but we also teach them how to avoid conflicts. Most people at this age don’t seem to be happy with the idea of learning martial arts.  I can talk about it for hours why the public does not come to term with this idea, but I will only say that people are unaware of this sport. For your understanding, I will tell you how we teach our students to deal with conflicts from beginner to practitioner.  I know many people avoid reading lengthy posts, so I will cut the story short.

Peoples (kids and adults) all join martial arts for several reasons. Regardless many of them don’t exactly know what it is. They are not sure what will they get by this training.

The beginner students have no real idea of what they are doing what will they learn from this training. They only have the idea that they will learn how to fight as they have seen in different movies and games. During the training, we build students spirit through physical training and discipline. The spirit we’re discussing is a deep part of our body so one can both “flight or fight” when faced with any sort of conflict in lifestyles.

According to Walter Bradford Cannon (a physiologist), we all have the ability to fight when challenged or to run when we face one.

At the intermediate phase of the training, it’ll get more difficult for the student. they may be in an extra contact education environment in which they’re experimenting with what works against an attack and what does not. With the advanced level of training, the students begin to look at the entirety in a new light. They are physically fit and focused, and they don’t bother different types of conflicts.

Dealing with any type of conflict martial artist knows whether it is necessary to fight, or they can simply walk away. At some point many individuals mind goes into overload but the martial artist, know how to handle a different level of stress and conflicts and how to focus on the objective.

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