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Inspirational Leader, Master Motivator / Life Changer & Mentor
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Master Grogan

Master Grogan empower many peoples to believe in themselves, to stand up to bullying, and to have respect for themselves & others to live their best Kickin’Life.

Master Grogan hosts a motivational podcast, called “Kickin’Life”. He is a published author for several martial arts magazines.

Everyone Wants to Feel Important!

I Am A Hero

The martial artist knows how to deal with conflicts whether it is necessary to fight, or they can simply walk away. They always know how to handle a different level of stress and conflicts and how to focus on the objective

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Start a New Life Today

By Master Grogan

I Am Bully Proof

Become Bully Proof Today

Master Grogan is an Inspirational Leader, Master Motivator / Life Changer & Mentor.
He is in the process of finalizing his first book “I Am Bully Proof” – Available Soon.

Kickin’Life Podcast

Change Your Life!

Through positive motivation, physical fitness and practical self-defense, we develop confident leaders who believe in themselves and stand up for what is right to protect those in need!

Our students learn to battle through adversity and overcome all challenges, while helping themselves and others live their best possible lives. All working together to make our society a happier, healthier and safer place to live.

Everyone’s Wearing a Sign!

by Master Grogan | Kickin'Life


Why Grogan's Martial Arts?

We are more than just a “Karate” studio, and far more than just an extracurricular activity
We are an academy of life changers, and we empower kids & adults with the courage & confidence to stand up to bullying and to stand out in the crowd with exceptional Manners, Discipline & Respect.


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Grogan’s Academy of Martial Arts

Address: 310 Hillsboro Ave.
Edwardsville, IL 62025E- USA

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